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Casino Blackjack Rules

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Casino Blackjack Rules

Casino Blackjack Rules

Playing casino blackjack on the internet is one of the best casino games to play as the player has a fair degree of control over their hand and is able to make decisions that lower the house edge.

All casino games will prove that statistically the house has the advantage but if the casino blackjack player bets and plays with a good firm strategy then they stand a good chance of doing well and winning some money.

It is important, that before you begin, you must find an online casino that offers the version of the game that you know best how to play. You can check the different versions of casino blackjack by playing in the free mode of the game. This may seem irrelevant but specific strategies are based on the specific rules of the casino blackjack rules. If you find a casino that offers Las Vegas rules and uses a single deck then play this version as this offers the best odds of winning for the gambler and the house edge is minimal.

It is possible to find hundreds of casino blackjack strategy tables on the internet, so once you have established which version of the game you wish to play you will be able to find and download the suitable strategy table.

Some casinos offer rules that are actually beneficial to the player and ones to look out for are as follows.

If you have a total of 5, or more cards, not going over the value of 21.

Re-splitting aces

Drawing more than one card against a split ace

An early surrender or a normal surrender.

Doubles are allowed after splitting

Doubles are allowed on any 2 card hand except a blackjack

Likewise there are some casino rules that work against the player and if you can, try to avoid playing these versions if you want to lower the house edge.

Less than 3-2 payouts on blackjacks

Dealer hits on soft 17

Only splitting once

Aces may not be re-split

Player losing ties

Double downs restricted to totals of 9-11 or 10,11

Casino blackjack is an easy game to master and once you have confidence to play it you will see that if you find the right version you can lower the house edge to as little as 0.16%.

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